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    Originally posted by disneysteve View Post

    Sorry but you are going to get the exact same answers we gave you then.

    List your budget. Your spending is out of control (and don't just blame your wife).

    You earn too much to be this broke.

    You need to stop posting the same question over and over and start posting the information we've all asked for to actually start helping you fix this.
    Yep. And don't blame Obama, Bush, Obamacare, aliens, or the illuminati.

    Step one is taking responsibility for your own life.

    People use this forum because they need serious help, please don't waste our time.


      Originally posted by it99 View Post
      The other expenses are a mix kids needing fillings for cavities and or 1k health insurance deductible,etc.
      You posted before that you earn 112K. Filling a cavity or paying your deductible (which is very low - stop complaining about it) shouldn't be a problem on your income.

      Your problem isn't the government's fault. Stop placing blame elsewhere.

      The problem is your spending habits.

      Post a budget and we can help you fix this.

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