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Should I continue to pay this debt?

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  • Should I continue to pay this debt?

    I have a collection debt that I went delinquent in 11/2008. It's a written collection from a creditor in the state of California. According to my credit report, it's been charged-off with a balance of $3500.
    I am currently paying a collection company a monthly payment agreement and the amount they say I owe is $4500. It's coming up to 7 years and I am wondering if I still even have to pay against this debt since it was charged off.

    The statue of limitation is 4 years for a written contract in California. Did I reset a SOL clock since I have been paying on the debt to the collection company?

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    The statute of limitations begins on the date of last activity on the account. Since you have made payments, you have effectively reset the statute of limitations. You owe the debt and you will have to pay it.

    This may not be what you wanted to hear, but this is the reality of the situation. You have a case of "zombie debt."
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