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What has motivated you to pay off your debt?

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    We just got married a month ago and are looking into moving closer to our families. Currently, we live across the country from them and once moved, we'd like to buy a house and start a family. It's hard to do that knowing we have $50k in debt to pay off.


      Recently, I got job. We were living below our means on my husband's wages alone, so this job was taken as gravy. I have about $17k in student loan debt (all subbed Stafford) at 2.8%. I was making minimum payments on it. The interest rate is low and repayment terms flexible, so I was never really all that bothered to get it paid off.

      Anyway since I have more money now, I decided to look into how fast I could actually pay it off. Turns out, it could be paid off as soon as the end of April if I was fully committed. I could hardly believe it looking at the amortization calculator and my budget projections, but there it was. I talked to my husband about it and he is on board. I'm starting next month as soon as I have $10k in the FFEF. Then I am throwing all the money we have at it.

      This is the only debt we have, so we will be completely debt free in April if it all goes well. I am beyond motivated to get it gone now!


        I had chronic debt problems stemming from some purchases I made through CC's in college. Perusing the internet, and a life-changing article written by Dave Ramsey, I was introduced to the idea that debt=slavery. This was life changing to me, I had never thought about it this way.



          I like being ahead of the power curve. Also I always remind myself how much I am paying a day in interesting which helps me keep my debt completely under control. Paying interest and getting nothing in return, paying almost double for a residence, paying double for every purchase due to credit card fees… All are factors that motivate me to pay off debt


            The only debt I have is a small (less than $40k) mortgage and two car (less than $20k) loans. All of which will be paid off in less than 3 years. I plan to retire in 3 years and do not want any debt. My motivation has always been the same, Debt for assets does not bother me and I never had consumer debt because of the high interest rates. Yu have to find that compelling reason for you to pay off your debt.