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    Paying off car

    So I'm debating paying off my car in the next month or so. I owe about 11k on it at 1.9%. I have my 1k for emergencies, no other CC debt to worry about. Some of you may remember I posted about my gf's CC debt a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad I did. We talked and I'm not going to worry about her debt right now, she's working on cleaning it up and I'll be helping out with the monthly bills as I can when I move in with her. Here's my situation.

    Take home pay before OT is ~1900/month. With OT my take home pay has been abround 3k monthly
    8K in a MMA account earning .84% with 1k earmarked for emergencies
    6% is already going into 401k and another $300 monthly into my Roth (this + my tax refund will allow me to hit the $5500 contribution limit so contributing more to this won't be helpful)
    My expenses total very little, maybe about $800/month.

    We're getting a bonus next paycheck, not very much, about $1500 or so, and with that, plus my take home pay I'll have near enough to pay off my car maybe in the next month to 1.5 months. If my the interest was high this would be a no brainer, but with such low interest I don't know if my money is better spent elsewhere. It seems wise to just pay off my car and be done with that overhead debt (I'm paying 259/month (getting the car just wasn't a wise decision but this was before I really knew anything about finances). Anyways, any suggestions on what to do?

    I think paying off the car as soon as you have the cash to do so makes sense.

    The one change I would make to your plan is I'd set aside $2,400 for your EF, not $1,000. That would be 3 months worth of expenses.

    Once the car is paid off, you'll have expenses of only about $550/month with an income ranging from $1,900 to $3,000. With that huge surplus, you can pretty quickly rebuild your savings.

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      I'd say go for it, as long as you feel comfortable with all of your other savings and etc. in case of an emergency. You'll save that much more in interest, albeit in being a small amount, but more importantly you'll free up whatever that payment is in your monthly budget. I can't wait to have my car paid off myself for the same reason! I think it will give you a lot of peace of mind to get it out of the way.


        Thanks Steve and Kayla. Steve the only reason I said 1k was because that's what Dave's plan is. upping to 2400 is only a matter of 2 weeks since I'll be having a couple of large paychecks so that won't be a big problem. Looks like in a month and a half or so I'll be 100% debt free! I guess that means every penny I can start saving for when my gf and I eventually get married (although she should be able to clear her CC debt by then) and an eventual house. Gotta say this feels pretty nice!