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    After Military Problem

    Maybe someone here will be able to help guide me through this but it comes with a little story.

    A year and a half ago my husband got out of the military, Right at the end of his enlistment I had to have surgery which should have been covered by the active duty insurance Tricare. over a year after that we got a call from a collection agency saying that we never paid our debt to the hospital. They were extremely pushy and I thought it was a scam at first but I did my research. After I looked into it i found out that they messed up my husbands enlistment paperwork so tricare thought he had been out of the military for 4 years and decided not to tell us.

    I called up tricare and they informed me that we were responsible for the debt since a year had already past. We didn't have the money to pay it and were trying to negotiate with the collection agency to make payments but they continued to refuse, stating that we had to 'make the payment in full' which is impossible.

    We kept fighting for a way to get either tricare to pay for it, save up money, or get them to take payments to no avail for a few months. Finally we were served papers, and then a judgement was filed against us. I read it through once i got the paperwork and it doesnt say anything about garnishing wages or anything like that but its very confusing.

    We are getting to our wits end here and are just trying to get on our feet, has anyone here seen anything like this?

    If Tricare should have paid because you were still on the insurance, then I would highly suggest talking to the unit he was attached to. There may be a military liaison to help in this situation. Actually, I think I'd call military one source to see if they can direct you to someone that can be your advocate in this situation.

    If the enlistment paperwork is in error, it seems that LES, evaluation reports, and the DD214 should assist in proving that he was employed and eligible for Tricare.
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      We went down that road already but maybe going through Onesource would be a good idea. The main thing that we are worried about is that they wont stop calling and we don't want them to garnish wages, that would be beyond embarrassing. I'm also really curious why they wont take payments? I would think that to a collection agency, something is better than nothing.


        Have you contacted the medical provider to work out a payment arrangement, rather than the collection agency? May not work, since it has been so long. They likely sold the debt to the collection agency, so have received a portion of the money already and may not legally be able to take more money from you.

        I would keep saving in order to pay the money at some point. Once you have the amount owed in full, you will need to get the collection agency to put the amount you are paying in writing before you send anything in. You do not want them pulling any money from your checking account, which they would have access to if you sent a check. Send a cashiers check instead. If you don't get anything in writing, do not send any money!

        Maybe others can fill in more about dealing with collection agencies.
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          You guys gave me some good advise and I ran with it. I'm still working through tricare to get them to pay off their part of the debt. One thing that i forgot to mention was that it was half civilian debt and half military, a combination of different doctors appointments that finally went to collections. But still, if i can get tricare to take care of the 1000 they owe, it would be a huge relief!

          Also, my husband put his car up for sale because he wanted to get a truck, luckily the truck that he wants is 3000 below a good selling point for his car so that money should knock this out. We just got an offer for someone to come take a look at it on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed that it works out.

          Right now our total family debt is about 11,000
          Thats 5000 for my car which we pay 400 a month
          we paid his off last month saving 300 a month
          we have the 2600 nasty judgement debt lingering there, making me mad
          The rest is low payment student debts and an emergency credit card that i use and pay off every month.

          We currently rent but are looking forward to getting a housing loan within the next year, but before we do that, we promised each other that everything would be paid off.


            Glad things look promising! Keep us posted.
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              This is wild, I am having almost the exact same problem.