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Credit Cards or Car Loan Payoff? **Unique Situation

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    I'd see if you can refinance the car first -- you should be able to get a much, much, much better rate. If you can get a lower rate, refinance the car, and let it sit with minimum payments while you focus on paying off the CC's first.

    If you don't plan to refinance the car loan, tackle the car first, it'll be good to free up some of that minimum payment money with a new baby, but then as your finances allow, tackle those high interest credit cards like crazy. I'm sort of in the same boat with my student loans, even though my car is a lesser interest rate, it's holding up so much of my money in a minimum payment amount that I can hardly keep focus on my other debts, so I'm tackling it first as well, so I can free up more cash to go full-force on the student loans.