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Best use of unexpected money towards debt

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    Look at my Many Thanks thread below. Set up a $1000 EF and put the rest against your highest APR CC. Period.


      Card #4 and Card #5 = $000 = DONE = PAID = BAM!

      I feel so good right now!

      And, now I have a lot of available credit to go Christmas Shopping with...YAY!!!!

      KIDDING! Just Kidding

      Now, on to the next...



        You need no help. You have laid out a fantastic plan! Well done


          Hi Reeda

          This is my first post to this chat room and I want to say, you remind me of me. So I am not going to concentrate on what to do with that money, the advice you have received is solid and you have some important choices to make.

          I will say that as boring as it sounds, working out a budget is really helping me change my spending bad habits (the new shoes comment? I can relate!) and as I am changing my habits I look at that budget every day. It is a great reminder of higher goals.

          I have projected when specific debts will be paid and I celebrate those days big time! Not by buying things though. They are milestones far more satisfying than a trip to the mall!

          And- as you pay off each card, call the company right that minute and request they cancel the card. Have them send you a letter that says YOU requested cancellation, it feels so great to get rid of those leeches! Keep the letters, collect them! You have the power and are in control. Good luck!