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Credit Card Debt and Life Issues

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    Credit Card Debt and Life Issues

    Hi all Here is some history on my situation then I will get to the Debt numbers.(hopefully)

    I worked at a fair (moderate income 1000.00 a month) job doing automotive related work. I do have a Electronics degree (two year associates) and may go to night school for more training etc I dont know. I did the credit card thing for this and that plus emergencies. Always paid the minimum and sometimes extra (believe what you want ) I think some of this debt was fraud, but I am having hard time checking on that now. I did see one 600.00 charge on my amex that I told them to reverse.

    Then B of A said I had two late payments in a row and that was where my troubles began to escalate. The payments ballooned to 150.00 or more per month and I was paying 100.00 or more on another card as well as 4-5 other minimums. The BofA payment got too high and the calls started. I tried to pay with a inheritance that I received but then decided Credit Counseling was needed and entered a plan at 560.00 per month. You know the rules accounts were closed and frozen etc.

    Well I also went through a family member passing and then another going into hospital due to a stroke and was left with extra bills that I could not pay. Electric got turned off and water too. I was living to pay my credit cards at the time and said this is poop. I got assistance from family regarding water and a bed etc. Then mom came home again only to be needing 24 hour care. We have a caregiver for 12 hours a day and I am the other CG at night and weekends.

    So back to my bills and CC program which I fell off of and am doing the best but calls still come about missed payments etc. Some accounts are threatening to charge off BofA already did and the collectors are really annoying and assertive. I have 23,000 in CC debt and am considering BK but I also am considering Conservatorship as I am tired of the constant complaints to the Power of attorney. For Conservatorship I cannot be in bankrupcy to qualify and I may have to quit my job to do conservator and caretaking full time until I find a CT.

    I know I need to list my bills next and payments for you all to see but I have not completed that as yet. I could estimate it at 600.00-650.00 out of 1000.00 per month (or more due to late fees bounced check fees etc). I plan on getting a small refrigerator to keep food expenses low but do not know if used is a good bet (repair costs on a small refer-new may be better)

    My physical and emotion health are suffering now any I need some solid direction please. Only best advice i have is to continue paying and let the Credit card companies do what they may if I cannot keep up (Judgments??) This advice is from Judy Orman who is opposed to BK by the way.

    Reducing my expenses is also a big thing for me to do right now I realize. and selling any extras that could be called assets for money too. Two junker cars two extra PCs (one is ancient Compaq PC from 2000) various accumulated stuff and lots of junk etc.

    So let me know what other information you require me to list here and thanks for your time and talent.

    We do need more details. Specifically, your monthly expenses.

    What are your prospects for a job? Ultimately, you aren't going to be able to do a whole lot to fix this situation until you find regular work and get your income up. The little bit you're making doing what you currently do can only go so far as hard as you may try. Even a minimum wage job would be an improvement so hopefully you're out there pounding the pavement looking for work. If you can't find a full time job, get a 2nd part time job if possible. Anything to get the money flowing in.

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      We need more details $1,000 a month as a full time income isn't good. You need to increase your income to probably solve your problems.

      You need to do a budget and stop charging.


        Matt, the collection agents are expected to be aggressive with a client whose history includes owing $23,000. for 'this and that,' didn't continue the organized debt procedure, NSF checks & utilities disconnect which all show up on your records. Sadly you are learning the hard way that missed and late payments and the rest have horrible consequences. Even without the added problems of mom and other family your income doesn't meet your expectations.