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Student Loans for Certificate Programs

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  • Student Loans for Certificate Programs

    My job reimburses us for classes taken either in college or as part of a certificate program.

    The only problem, is we have to throw down the price before the class starts and get reimbursed after the classes are over.

    I can't exactly go 4 months with $1,2000 less.

    Are there any student loan programs that will loan you for certificate programs?

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    My guess is there may be a company that would do that... For a price. But how long would it take you to save up for the program? If you plan out your expenses and set extra aside, would it take a few months? My own experience says it's wiser and cheaper to pay cash for an education, even if it means waiting a few months.


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      Well classes start next month, which means I'd have a few weeks to make the payment which I don't have.

      If I don't sign up now, I miss the boat on some prerequisites and might have to wait until next I'm kind of in a rush to get money for the classes.

      It's not like I won't be paid back...I just have to wait until December when the classes are done to be reimbursed.


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        This is a textbook example of the reason there is too much debt. The OP realizes that there is not enough money to do what he wants, so he will borrow the money to get now what he could afford later.

        In ten years, we'll see a post about "I own 2 cars with payments, a mortgage, an RV, an ATV, $90K in student loans, and my credit cards are up to $75K. What can I do? I don't want to sell my lake house because I'm upside down on it by $50K."

        This post is not directed at the poster. It is a general comment to show an illustration of why so many people are in financial straits today. People are just not willing to wait until they can afford something before they buy it. And they end up with 29.9% interest because they missed three payments in 2 years. Visa is NOT your friend.


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          I know at the school I went to last, most of the certificate programs were eligible for financial aid including federal loans and pell grants. There seemed to be a minimum amount of credits that were required for the certificate to be financial aid eligible.