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Paying off credit card as you use it - good or bad?

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    Originally posted by cogz View Post
    I tried this, but started getting lazy and now have let my balance run over. Also, my credit rating seems to differ depending on the credit chekcing company so I have no clue if it's effecting my credit rating.
    It depends how much of credit card balance you are carrying in relation to your available credit as to whether or not it is effecting your score. If it's a small amount, then it probably won't effect your score, but it is effecting your wallet. Pay off the card in full each billing cycle and avoid interest charges.


      Originally posted by jpg7n16 View Post
      I personally pay my CC off every other week. Sometimes every week.

      I just happen to check my budget on the weekend, so while I'm logged in checking my transactions on my CCs, I just schedule a payment.

      I don't know if that helps or hurts my credit score, but I honestly don't care. Credit score is not that important to me.
      I agree with the tactic of paying off your card weekly or monthly - it never hurts your credit score to PAY off your debt. I have to ask, though - you really don't care about your credit score? I mean, if you make a habit of paying off your card, I'm sure it's fine.... but it's the kind of thing one should care about, no? As in you can't get a mortgage or loan without a good one?


        i use these for large purcheses, they zing you for 2%/$40 for $2000. many offer 0% for purchases with the card too and i like that even better.

        retired in 2009 at the age of 39 with less than 300K total net worth