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Credit card payment: Beginning of Month Vs. End of Month

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    Pay it asap

    It is rather irrelevant how much it will save in interest by paying it early. It will definitely save you interest and is therefore worth it provided you won't be charged any fees for making those early or extra payments. Never heard of any cc doing this but hey, who knows. By my math, it would only save likely about 45 cents per $50 payment for doing it the approx 3 weeks early. Still worth it imo.

    I get paid weekly at my job and I normally make payments every week against my cc debt.

    "Go for it, live dangerously and just do it" to paraphrase a saying.


      I pay in full each month so the finance charge savings is a non-factor. Unless you are talking about the interest I could pocket if my money was held in my checking account?
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        If you only have one credit card, it is better that you pay the total amount payable at least a few days before due date or on the beginning of the month. This way, you will have a good credit record of paying ahead of time and paying what is due. If your have several credit cards, it is better that you try to pay more than the minimum amount on each card before the due date.