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Garnishment of Paypal funds?

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    Garnishment of Paypal funds?

    Due creditor debts that have caused my last bank account to be frozen, I was wondering about the above question.

    I had recently signed up for an online account and I am currently involved in a few legitimate online income streams.

    My concern is that my debtors will catch wind of my online accounts and then pounce on me immediately. *It is not that I am not willing to pay back my old debts, it is just that I am unable to at this time, because I am currently, well, in debt. When I get to the point where I am generating a consistent level of income, then I will have no problem with dealing with the issue.

    So, more importantly what I would like to know is this, has anyone here dealt with or dealing with the same issue that I have? If you are or you had, please share your experience. Because, speaking to a representative from any banking institution is likely to record my conversation. And by doing so, have more evidence me to give me more of a hard time than I would like to deal with.

    Thanks in advance to any readers and responders to this post. I appreciate it. Take Care!!
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    Don't know what sort of business you have but maybe you could
    insist on the old fashioned money order payments only and quickly
    cash them.

    Maybe that would be a solution. Credit card only transactions - don't know how that would work.

    If the creditors sue you and take you to court you are supposed
    to list all assets and income, most certainly the types that leave a paper or electronic trail.


      If one of your creditors has obtained a judgment, they can come after anything that has your name attached to it. An online Paypal account might be harder to find, but I assume your SSN is linked to the account. So, it can certainly be found.
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        I don't think they can take every source of income. You have to be able to eat.
        My husband used to have a garnishement and they could only take 10% by law. It was written in the court papers. We live in Ny


          Here's a website with a bit of info, state by state.

          State wage garnishment and attachment rules
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            That website is very interesting. Before I remarried, a company came after me and took all but $200 out of a $2500 check. I was the head of the household with 3 little girls.

            It wasn't even my debt--it was my ex husbands that he ran up AFTER we were legally divorced. I got a letter of explanation in my paycheck as all the legal stuff had been mailed to him. It took my attorney 2 paycycles to get it fixed.

            Wonder if this law went into effect after this happened, or if they did it illegally.