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Need help with W4..

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    Need help with W4..

    I want to print out a new W4 for my husband to bring to work. My husband made $40,631 but only had $313 in state taxes taken out. So we owe the state $400 dollars now. We got a federal refund of $212 so I think we are ok there.
    What do I need to change it to so we don't owe money? I don't want to owe next year!


    Some states have W-4's just for their state, otherwise, you need to keep the exemptions the same, but add that you want extra taken out for state taxes. You can do the math and just write in "$20 for state". Depending on how often you get paid.

    This is very common in our midwest state. I have seen people getting thousands back from Federal, but owe the state.


      Take a look at this site - I did not go past their front page but they are the same site that offers the paycheck tool that includes a state w-4 calculator. The tool was pretty fun to play with and as far as I can tell, they do not capture any PII.
      I YQ YQ R


        Tell the state to take out either

        $40 per month
        $16 every 2 weeks
        $8 per week
        depending on the pay frequency

        You may want to review return and see if 2009 had any "one time" taxes you might not have in 2010. Sold a car, some special education tax, or something... just to make sure you are not planning around a one time thing (did you owe in 2008?, what changed from 2008 to 2009 tax wise or income wise)?

        Did spouse work all of 2009? Did either spouse change jobs?