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    I think I'm a tortoise but down inside I sometimes feel like a hare that's chained up in the backyard like a dog and keeps running to the end of the chain only to flip in the air and land on his back. I do try to control that though
    "Those who can't remember the past are condemmed to repeat it".- George Santayana.


      I am pretty sure I have been a tortoise for a long time. I just keep adding to my savings a little at a time.


        Originally posted by PrincessPerky View Post
        How about A tortoise who takes some speed pills once in awhile?
        Hehe, this made me giggle.

        I am (and try to be) a tortoise. I try to put something into my IRA or savings each month. I have goals that I want to reach and seeing me get a little bit closer to the goal each month is very comforting. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something and the goal is attainable.


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            I can be either a Hare or a Tortoise depending on the circumstances.

            I was in an unfortunate situation when I got my divorced and was surprised with a 60k debt that I had to repay back myself. I was a definite hare when it came to paying off the debts. I worked three jobs and lived on the basic essentials until every penny of the debts were paid in full.
            While I had the desires to keep going on what I was doing after the debts were paid off to accumulate my savings just as intensive... I just couldn't keep on going.

            I am now re-married and seek a balance between work and my home/social life. I strive on savings for both my husband and I but not with the same aggressiveness as when I was paying off my debts. So now I am a tortoise. I need to borrow some of those speed pills from PrincessPerky!

            If I remained single, I may have saved more but not much. I am finding that I strive in life better when I seek passions, trying new things, meeting new people and etc

            Of course I would be in a much better financial position if I had not had such an unfortunate set-back but life is short.


              Which one will it be... Turtle or hair. Makes me think of political parties. Your either one or the other. I change based on the seasons. Winter... nothing to do I save. Summer, fun in the sun.

              You get the idea