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student loan forbearance

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    student loan forbearance

    My wife and I are trying to pay off debt for our new year's resolution. We have a good chunk of student loans, 2 cars, 1 house, a small credit card, and 1 large credit card. MY question is we are thinking about putting my student loans in forbearance and snowballing that payment into paying off the credit cards. We have figured out that if we do this we can pay off all credit cards and 1 car in 2 years and come close on the second card.

    Is this a good idea?


    Oh and we will continue to pay the interest plus a small amount on the student loans every month so it will not be added to the principal. Right now we pay 350 a month on student loans and make just the min. credit card parents. Our student loans ( about 28000 ) have a low interest rate.