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Can I get rid of ALL my credit cards???

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    I have a question for the OP: Why do you want so badly to get rid of all your credit cards?

    I think people often get carried away with the "no credit card" rule (especially Dave Ramsey folks). It's a good rule for people who are not disciplined enough to have a credit card, but in general cutting them up fixing the symptom not the problem. IMO, financially disciplined people can have credit cards and be responsible enough to stop themselves from using them except in a true emergency (e.g. stuck overseas without cash). Credit cards are not evil if you use them responsibly.


      Originally posted by cicy33 View Post
      I think this is why I will never give up my local bank.
      I have a local bank that I use for check cashing and writing paper checks for rent and utilities, but I never keep a significant amount of money in otherwise, so it wouldn't have done me much good. Sure, I could have done an EFT from ING to my local checking account, but with the weekend in there, the new ATM card would have arrived before the funds did.

      I do have an ATM card for my emergency fund that I could have used, but the CC was so much easier than finding than getting the card and pin code out of the safe.