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Hashbrowns from Scratch

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    Hashbrowns from Scratch

    Hashbrowns are an excellent and inexpensive way of making breakfast.

    This recipe uses Use one potato per person.

    1. Cook potatoes until tender. This is pretty, you can just bake the potatoes or poke holes in the skins and pop them in the microwave. Don't overcook the potatoes because you don't want them 100% done, or they will fall apart when you try to grate them.

    2. Peel the potatoes. Use a knife, since the potatoes are already cooked a greater won't work so well.

    3. Grate the potatoes. While you are doing this, get a non-stick or cast iron pan warmed up on medium high.

    4. Season the grated potatoes. I like salt, pepper, a bit of onion powder and and red pepper flakes. You can use whatever you like - just so long as it tastes good.

    5. Add oil to the pan and add the shredded potatoes in it. The potatoes can't be more than an inch thick otherwise it won't cook evenly. Be careful of adding the oil to the hot pan as it could splatter. Squash the potatoes down with a spatula.

    6. Don't stir the potatoes. Let them brown for two minutes on medium high, then reduce heat to medium low for three more minutes. You want the bottom to get brown and crispy.

    Finally, flip the potato "patty" over. You will need to careful loosen it with a spatula before you flip it. If it gets broken up, its looses some of the aesthetic appeal. Cook the patty for the same amount of time as previous.

    Pretty much you just need to barely cook the potatoes, grate them, season them and them cook them on both sides.

    Hashbrowns go great with eggs and bacon.
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    James.H delighted that you cook. A tiny bit of imagination and small tins of spices are terrific in the kitchen. In our area frozen hash browns are often loss leaders at grocery chains resulting in convenience food @ cheaper unit cost than regular potatoes. Efficient as base for Nacho-like appetizer/snack, Croque Madame, substitutes in waffle press, Quiche crust and breakfast casserole. Try salmon galette, Muffaletta, Pesto Caprese, steak frittes, chili topped with melted cheese for meals in a hurry. Goes well with baked, stuffed chicken breast to replace mashed potato.