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Help-food allergy restrictions

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    Help-food allergy restrictions

    I have kiddos in my scout and 4H groups that are allergic to:

    food dyes

    We need some ideas for snacks that avoid these foods.
    We have been doing cheese, fruit (which is expensive this time of the year) and popcorn, which is getting old.....

    We need some new ideas. Can anyone share recipes or ideas that would be fairly frugal for feeding 40 some kids and adults???


    Would it work to serve something with plates and forks? This weird idea just popped into my mind: Pumpkin custard--like pie without the crust. Rice pudding with a fruit syrup or fruit topping make it colorful? Maybe even something savory rather than sweet or otherwise snacky? Again, perhaps weird but maybe scalloped potatoes, little potato pancakes? Tater tots? French fries? (Is someone able to cook at the same place you meet?)
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      Have you spoken to the parents and gotten suggestions from them? What do they feed their kids for snacks?

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        You can make muffins with rice flour instead of wheat flour. Just google rice flour muffins and you'll find tons of recipes. You can make cornbread with chickpea flour.

        You said the kids were allergic to nuts, but what about seeds? Pumpkin seeds make a good snack.

        Homemade oatmeal bars like these ones: Gluten Free Oatmeal Breakfast Bars | Green Diva Mom and if seeds are a problem just leave out the 1/4 cup of flax seeds.

        Is wheat the problem or is it gluten? If it is not gluten than you could make rice crispie squares but with the crisped rice cereal from Trader Joe's (the Kelloggs one has allergens not to mention BHT). Marshmallows have gluten so if it is gluten than they wouldn't be able to have them. Although I do have a recipe for making homemade marshmallows with no gluten if you want it, but it's a lot of work.

        Organic yogurts without food dyes.

        Cucumber slices, carrots, and celery with dip.

        Sliced deli meat with plain cream cheese inside, rolled up and cut into segments held with a toothpick. Ham tends to be cheapest.


          I have worked with children for years. You need to ask the parents to supply the snacks. If the allergies are serious, they will be more than happy to help.


            I would definitely ask the parents for ideas. I know of many parents who have kids with allergies(primarily milk and peanuts) and have found them to be full of ideas and information.
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