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    Running out of ideas...!

    Hi there. If you all can help, it would be much appreciated. Here is my situation:
    I am vegetarian, with the exception of fish occasionally. However, my DF is NOT vegetarian, and loves red meat. I have no intention of converting him either. I am just running out of ideas for our meals. I would love some suggestions on meals where I can easily add meat to them, so that I do not have to cook two separate meals. I do add a lamb chop to the side of his dishes mostly, but I want to be able to incorporate meat into the meals so that it's not just a side for him as well - so that he can enjoy his meals too! If that makes any sense?

    Some things:
    - I will not cook pig. i have never liked it (the smell makes me want to hurl), and it is the only thing i refuse to cook - DF also isn't fond of pork, so we are in agreeance that if he wants bacon, he'll cook it himself for breakfast - so please, no suggestions with pig meat, thankyou.
    - I do not mind if there is meat IN the dish, so long as I can scoop it out. I am not a normal vegetarian - it is not going to phase me if meat has been in the dish I am eating, as long as I don't actually EAT the meat. Therefore anything made with mince I have to make separately (like spag bol). I already do this in batches and freeze.
    - I make most things from scratch, so I do not use canned soups or flavour sachets or pre packaged meals or anything like that.

    Anyway, i am hoping I can get some suggestions on here, as I always get a lot of great ideas from you guys. Thanks in advance.

    I'm the same as you...not really a vegatarian because I eat fish and shellfish. But, I do cook for my dad often and he eats meat.

    I love to bread boneless, skinless chicken breasts (with italian bread crumbs) and fry it in olive oil.

    I stick a ton of chopped veggies and cubed steak in a slow cooker and let it cook all makes a GREAT stew!

    Spaghetti and meatballs. For meatballs, mix ground chuck, italian breadcrumb, 1 egg, parmesean cheese and some salt pepper/seasonings. Shape them and bake them for 45 minutes (turning every 15). Make pasta on the side and let the meatballs sit in pasta sauce after they are cooked. SO yum.

    These are just a few staples in my house...