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Any uses for tuna juice?

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    Tuna fish juice

    Originally posted by lrjohnson View Post
    Are there any uses for juice drained from cans of tuna? I just don't like tossing it. Has anyone used it mixed with water as fish broth? I'm not a very picky eater, so I'm willing to try some things others won't, but I don't want to eat something that's just plain bad.

    Any suggestions appreciated. (I don't have pets, by the way.)

    I can't really use it for anything except a little flavor for my dogs food. The funniest thing I know to do with it, pour tuna juice in a ziplock bag . Freeze it and when someone makes you really mad, throw the tuna cube onto their doorstep. I did this to some nasty neighbors who sat on the doorstep heckeling everyone walking past. They stopped once it was stinky. Spoiled milk works too. Best part an ice cube has no fingerprints and they really don't know how the stink got there LOL


      Tuna Juice Salad Dressing or Marinade

      I'm not a fan of tuna, nor of the juice however it is an economical option if you're on a budget.

      I suppose you could use the juice to make a salad dressing or even a marinade for Tuna steaks.

      Just add oil if needed, a little lemon juice and your favorite herbs or seasonings, maybe even some capers too.

      Good on you for trying to save it though...draining it does seem like a waste.