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oral-B 9400 Toothbrush $68.49 on ($114 in Walmart)

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  • oral-B 9400 Toothbrush $68.49 on ($114 in Walmart)

    This is the cheapest price I have even seen. I am using this toothbrush and super satisfied with it!

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    Amazing that we will shell out $100 for a toothbrush!


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      Why would anyone spend that kind of money on a toothbrush? I use a regular toothbrush, which is what both my dentist and periodontist recommend. They are under $3 each and the dentist gives me a free one every 6 months when I see him. The periodontist gives me a free one every 6 months also, but I don't care for the ones he gives out so I don't use those. There are also coupons in the paper for them periodically.

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        It's a luxury, but it's really good!

        In the past I have been using the $7 Crest automatic toothbrush, and I didn't think it was necessary to buy the expensive one. However, my friend recommended this one, so I decided to give it a try. If it's not good as they say, I will just return it.

        Now you see what happens --- I am keeping it! It's just sooo much better than the traditional ones! Every time after I use it I feel like just back from the dentist.