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$50/week grocery budget for 2 - update four years later

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  • $50/week grocery budget for 2 - update four years later

    I was scrolling back through some of my older posts here on the forums and came across a post from 2018 about my $50/week grocery budget. Man, how things have changed!

    My then boyfriend and I could survive on just about anything (and did at times). He is now my husband and we had our first child last August. With the added expense of formula and more fresh fruit/veggies on our grocery list (plus inflation), we are looking at 3x to 4x that every week.

    Some ways we are still saving on food:

    - I don't pay for eggs. I trade sewing/patchwork for eggs and some produce from a friend of mine.
    - Some veggies (salad veg and other things as they are able to be harvested) are being traded for as well.
    - Eating less meat
    - Buying our meat in bulk and splitting the price with another family (buying a whole cow, for instance)
    - Focusing on nutritional value and being full rather than pretty meals

    What is your grocery budget looking like these days?