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    Need ideas

    I have a $1.33 per person per day to feed everyone until spring gardens come in and provide us with more food. We have one diabetic and several children, teenagers, etc. Can I do this?

    My total budget is $280 for 7 people. I can go up may be $100 dollars a month.

    Last month I made it to $350 a month which is almost $100 a week.

    A typical meal plan looks like this.


    Oatmeal for the children and teenagers

    Two eggs and tea for the diabetic

    Coffee for the other adult when we have it or tea, with two eggs.


    Soup...always soup. Any kind of soup made from left overs and scraps of this or that.


    1 chicken leg per person

    1/2 cup of canned veggies per person

    1/2 cup of rice per person


    1 pound of lentils or split peas boiled with salt with each person getting one cup

    Now don't get me wrong, we occasionally have a salad for lunch or may be apples for a snack. We usually get about a 3 pound bag of apples every week for the kids.

    I am not saying we are lacking food, but I am certainly lacking imagination with this budget. Any ideas?