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Organic Coupons and Natural Brand Coupons

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    Organic Coupons and Natural Brand Coupons

    Courtesy of Flash and our sister site <a href="">Grocery Coupon Guide</a>

    There is a strong trend among all manufacturers to add organic or natural products to their product lines. McCormick, Campbell's, Grape Nuts, even Chips a Hoy...

    <script type="text/javascript">google_ad_client = "pub-8949118578199171";google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = 90;google_ad_format = "728x90_as";google_ad_channel ="";google_color_border = "EAEAEA";google_color_bg = "EAEAEA";google_color_link = "4271B5";google_color_url = "99CC66";google_color_text = "000000";</script>
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    However, among the companies offering ONLY natural and/or organic products, it can be difficult to find coupons. Typically the companies are small, and have a small selection of products. Mass printing and distributing of coupons, especially in the Sunday inserts or other "collective" coupon sources, is expensive and prohibitive.

    Take heart, that doesn't mean coupons aren't available! It only means you need to work a bit harder to find them.

    Some sites offer printables, many have mailing lists. Almost all have coupons ready to be mailed out to your home if you just ask! Email, call, write, send a compliment, a complaint, or even a question, and you will generally receive great coupons. <b>Always, Always, Always</b> send your mailing address, even if you are "only" sending an email message.
    They are much more likely to mail coupons in response to a question if you have already provided the information!

    Here are a few websites and numbers to start with:

    <b><u>Joint Sources / Groups</b></u> (the organic equivalent of SmartSource or Vlassis…)

    Equal Exchange
    <a href="">Equal Exchange</a>
    <a href="">Equal Exchange Contact</a>
    <a href="">Equal Exchange Online Store</a> (Great educational materials!)

    Haddon House
    <a href="">Haddon House</a>
    <a href="">Haddon House Jane's Krazy</a>

    <a href="">Liberty Richter</a> (links to many of it's brands)

    <a href=" AAB3">Livin' Naturally</a> (printables)

    Mambo Sprouts: Printables and/or quarterly booklet of coupons by mail.
    <a href="">Mambo Sprouts</a>
    <a href="">Mambo Sprouts Instant Savings</a>
    <a href="">Mambo Sprouts Newsletter</a> (Make sure you check "MAIL" if you want to receive the coupon booklet by mail!)
    <a href="">Mambo Track</a> (join trackers, take surveys and receive coupons for FREE products)

    Mothers of Organic
    Mothers of Organic is a feature of Organic Valley Family of Farms.
    <a href="">Mothers of Organic</a>
    <a href="">Mothers of Organic Sign-Up</a> (register for coupons)

    <a href="">Organic Valley</a> (organic valley coop) - Sign up for their farm friends newsletter and it comes with coupons for milk/soy, cheese & orange juice along with bumper stickers and an interesting organic newsletter.

    Taste the Dream
    <a href="">Taste the Dream</a>
    <a href="">Taste the Dream Your Voice</a> (send them a story, they will usually send a pile of coupons)


    <a href="">Adora Calcium</a>

    <a href="">After the Fall</a>

    <a href="">Amy's Kitchen</a>

    <a href="">Annie's</a>

    Arizona Beverages
    <a href="">Arizona Beverages</a>
    <a href="">Arizona Beverages Contact</a>

    <a href="">Back To Nature</a>

    Barbara's Bakery
    <a href="">Barbara's Bakery</a>
    <a href="">Barbara's Bakery Contact</a>

    <a href="">Bob's Red Mill</a>

    Blue Diamond
    <a href="">Blue Diamond</a>
    <a href="">Blue Diamond Contact</a>

    Boca Foods
    <a href="">Boca Foods</a> (sign up for their newsletter)
    <a href="">Boca Foods Contact</a> (contact form)

    Brown Cow
    <a href="">Brown Cow</a>
    <a href="">Brown Cow E-Coupons</a> (printables)
    <a href="">Brown Cow Newsletter</a>
    <a href="">Brown Cow Contact</a>

    California Pizza Kitchen
    <a href="">California Pizza Kitchen</a>
    <a href="">California Pizza Kitchen Contact</a>

    Cherrybrook Kitchen
    <a href="">Cherrybrook Kitchen</a>
    <a href="">Cherrybrook Kitchen Contact</a>

    <a href="">ConAgra Foods</a> Sign-up for special offers, Hunts and Orville Redenbacher offer organic items

    <a href="">Country Choice Organics</a> (contact email address)

    <a href="">Clif Bar</a> (phone, email)

    <a href="">Clif Mojo Bar</a>

    Dreamfields Pasta
    <a href="">Dreamfields Pasta</a>
    <a href="">Dreamfields Pasta Newsletter</a>

    <a href="">Earth's Best</a>

    <a href="">Earthbound Organics</a>

    <a href="">Eden Organic</a>

    <a href="">Emerald Valley Kitchen</a>

    <a href="">Garden of Eatin Chips</a>

    Guiltless Gourmet
    <a href="">Guiltless Gourmet</a>
    <a href="">Guiltless Gourmet Mail List</a> (receive coupons)
    <a href="">Guiltless Gourmet Contact</a>

    <a href="">Horizon Organic Products</a>

    <a href="">Ian's</a>

    Imagine Foods
    <a href="">Imagine Foods</a>
    <a href="">Imagine Foods Contact</a>

    <a href="">Julie's Organic Ice Cream</a>

    <a href="">Kagome Contact</a>
    <a href="">Kagome Newsletter Sign-Up</a>

    <a href="">KA-ME</a>
    <a href="">KA-ME Contact</a>
    <a href="">KA-ME recipes</a> (link at the bottom of page...Send your favorite recipes using KA-ME products and they will send you money-saving coupons!)

    <a href="">Kikkoman Newsletter</a>
    <a href="">Kikkoman Contact</a>

    <a href="">Kikkoman Pearl Soy Milk</a>

    Kiss My Face
    <a href="">Kiss My Face</a>
    <a href="">Kiss My Face Sign-Up</a> (sign up for offers)

    Kitchens of India
    <a href="">Kitchens of India Newsletter</a>
    <a href="">Kitchens of India Contact</a>

    Knudsen Juices
    <a href="">Knudsen Juices</a>
    <a href="">Knudsen Juices Coupons</a>
    <a href="">Knudsen Juices Newsletter</a>

    <a href="">Lakewood Organic Juice</a>

    <a href="">Laura's Beef</a>

    <a href="">Little Crow Foods</a>

    <a href="">Lundberg Rice</a>
    Phone: 530-882-4551
    Email: <a href=""></a>

    <a href="">Nasoya Tofu</a>

    <a href="">The Natural Dentist</a>

    <a href="">Newman's Own</a>

    <a href="">Newman's Own Organics</a>

    <a href="">Odwalla</a> - We want and need to keep hearing from you. Call the friendly Odwalla line at 1-800-ODWALLA. If you are a consumer, email to <a href="">consumers@odwa</a>

    Organic Valley (organic valley coop)
    Sign up for their farm friends newsletter for great coupons and freebies!
    <a href="">Organic Valley</a>
    <a href="">Organic Valley Newsletter</a>

    Pearl Soy
    <a href="">Pearl Soy</a>
    <a href="">Pearl Soy Newsletter</a> (sign up for special offers)

    <a href="">Pure and Basic</a>

    <a href="">Rising Moon Organics</a>

    <a href="">San-J Contact</a> (newsletter with coupons)

    <a href="">Sesmark</a>
    email to: <a href=""></a>

    <a href="">Simply Asia</a>
    email: <a href="">informati</a>

    SoBe Beverages - note, there are many sites, depending on the product you are looking for...
    <a href="">SoBe Beverages</a>
    <a href="">SoBe Beverages Contact</a>
    <a href="">SoBe Adraline Rush Contact</a>
    <a href="">SoBe lean Contact</a>
    <a href="">SoBe No Fear Contact</a>

    <a href="">Soy7</a>
    email: <a href="">generalinfo@soy</a>

    <a href="">Stonyfield Farms</a> - Register for printable coupons. Write to them, and they will mail a packet too you too!

    Thai Kitchen
    <a href="">Thai Kitchen</a>
    <a href="">Thai Kitchen Contact</a>

    <a href="">Tofutti</a>

    <a href="">Traditional Medicinals Tea</a>

    <a href="">Turtle Mountain</a>

    <a href="">WestSoy</a>

    Wild Oats
    <a href="">Wild Oats</a>
    <a href="">Wild Oats Newsletter</a> (link to sign up for newsletter and receive coupons)

    <a href="">Yogi Tea</a>

    8thcontinent Soy
    <a href="">8thcontinent Soy</a>
    <a href="">8thcontinent Soy General Mills Contact</a>
    <a href="">8thcontinent Soy Sign-Up</a>
    If you prefer to contact them by telephone, please call them at 1-800-247-6458 between (7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CT, weekdays)

    <b><u>Ingredient Sources</b></u>

    Sometimes you can receive coupons and offers just by contacting the ingredient supplier for a major chain and asking them for more information on which products are made with xxxx. This is just one example...

    <a href="">Gilroy Foods</a> (Congra's Food Ingredient site, sign up for the newsletter and ask questions!)

    <b><u>Organics In Your Area</b></u>

    Many times an organic coop provides produce and ingredients to area suppliers. Contact them, sign up, ask questions, and they can often refer you to sales sources that have coupons, etc.

    <a href="">Full Circle Farm</a>

    We'd love to keep this organic and natural food coupon list up to date. Since organic and natural brand products are growing quite rapidly, if you know of other organic or natural brand websites that offer coupons, please <a href="">contact us</a> so that we can add them to our list. Also please let your friends know about this list so they can take advantage of all the coupons out there for organic and natural foods of which they were likely not aware. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Thank you for posting this! Adding natural ingredients to a well known brand can give a good complement.