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If you are coming here because you are struggling, its okay to use a food bank

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  • If you are coming here because you are struggling, its okay to use a food bank

    I sometimes talk to people who come to online forums because they are struggling to pay for food. If you're in this situation its perfectly acceptable to go to a food bank. In fact, my wife's family went to their church's food bank when she was younger and her parents business hadn't taken off yet.

    A lot of people say, "Oh, I 'm really short of money today/this week, but going to a food pantry isn't for me, etc. etc. etc.".

    Food pantries and banks are there for people who are struggling, regardless of your income level or whether or not you qualify for public assistance.


    an agency, group, or center that collects food and distributes it to the needy.

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    This is SO important. Many people allow their pride to stop them from reaching out for help, but there are so many places you can go for help.

    We had to get food from a food bank when I was growing up too. In our community, there were also outreach centers. These centers would have a food bank. They would also have free financial advisors to help you ensure that you wouldn't continue to make the same financial mistakes that led to you needing help. Establishing these kinds of organizations in communities and utilizing is so important and can be life-changing. And, if nothing else, they provide food for the table during tough times (something no one wants to worry about).

    Thanks for sharing, James!