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What foods are the best value?

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    What foods are the best value?

    If you were on a limited budget, what are the 10 foods you feel are the best value that can be used in a number of different dishes? Basically, what would you stock up on when money was really tight?

    You know, food is that one thing that I have yet to integrate into my lifestyle.

    I know there are lots of easy recipes that don't cost much but.... I even have a crockpot, but....

    Oh, and I also have the book "A man, a can, and a plan". Great book by the way.

    And yet, I can never seem to get around to doing something about it. I leave early for work, and when I get home, I just feel wiped out.

    It's bad, I know, but there you have it....


      1. Dry milk
      2. Flour
      3. Butter
      4. Bananas
      5. Eggs
      6. Grits
      7. Fresh beans (all kinds)
      8. White Rice
      9. Pasta
      10. Bagged Chicken quarters or ground beef


        1. Brown rice...brown has protein, added to most things makes a complete nutrition meal. and while it takes longer to cook, it tastes very similar to white (but not as sweet) so most people eat it (if you eat rice that is)

        2. Potatoes...cause I am Irish, can't help it.

        3, 4, and 5. flour, eggs and some spices, if you know how to cook, if not skip it you aren't learning this week when stressed over money.

        6. cans of beans or sauce...add to rice or potato and you have a meal.

        About here is where you run out of money...but should you find another 10$...

        7. whole wheat bread (NO high fructose corn syrup!)
        8. milk mix those two and you will feel full after only one slice and one glass..something about milk and bread always fills people up...try it on a starving kid sometime

        Still have money? go for

        9. frozen veggies
        10. chocolate (cause I am a royal PIA without it .)

        Now my list is based on a lifestyle of slowly trying to remove all white refined products and high fructose corn syrup...gonna be kinda hard for a newcomer to jump right in to that. (besides brown rice on sale is the cost of white not on sale, so..we don't buy it all the time, only when on sale...)

        That and I am assuming the fridge has butter, salt in pantry, and pepper..or that you can bum some off of anybody.


          Dry Beans
          Brown Rice
          Powdered Milk
          Eggs or Egg Whites
          Cooked Tomato Product (paste, sauce, stewed, spaghetti sauce, etc)
          Mrs. Dash (or other mixed seasoning)
          Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
          Frozen Mixed Vegetables
          Frozen Fish (whatever you can get in bulk for a cheap price)


            Eggs, Tortillas, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, ground beef, bananas, peanut butter, rice, refried beans, milk


              Beans, rice and potatoes. You can add anything to them to make soups, stirfry....anykind of leftover and some cheese to make a caserole.


                Add canned tomatoes to the list! They're very versatile & add a lot of good nutrition.


                  A whole chicken - I roast it and easily get 2 meals out of it, then boil the carcass, remove the extra meat and save for chicken salad, and then make chicken noodle soup which is always a big hit.

                  I also think turkey is a great value. I often buy a thawed turkey breast at the meat dept. It easily feeds my family of 5 and makes a very good inexpensive meal.

                  Rice and potatoes - Very filling. I highly recommend a rice cooker. I bought one at the local Dollar Store for $12 (Proctor and Silex). I works great and makes great tasting rice.

                  Frozen, bagged veggies - They often have a sale on frozen, bagged veggies of 5 bags for $5. I buy brussel sprouts, green beans, corn, etc. I cook the veggies by steaming them. They taste great, are nutritious and you can control the amount you prepare so much less waste.


                    lets see lol may change mind when I am in States:

                    1. Beans
                    2. Pasta
                    3. Cheddar Cheese
                    4. Baking Potatos
                    5. Flour
                    6. Frozen Veg
                    7. Butter/Spread
                    8 Tinned Tomatoes
                    9. Wheat
                    10. Milk


                      Peanut butter
                      Tomato sauce
                      100% whole wheat bread


                        Pasta, banana, avocado (you can use the latter as a dessert with a little sugar on it. There's even avocado ice cream, which is really tasty)


                          In terms of best nutrition, versatility and most affordable, I'd say:

                          1. Canned chunk tuna
                          2. Peanut butter
                          3. Rice
                          4. Canned tomatos
                          5. Eggs
                          6. Flour
                          7. Beans, dried or canned
                          8. Bananas
                          9. Apples
                          10. CHICKEN LIVER
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                            brown rice
                            wheat pasta
                            brown bread
                            quartered chicken legs (save skin and bones to make stock/broth which can be used for soups and to flavor pasta and rice.
                            vegetables if you can only have one make it collards,
                            fruits, if only one , apples
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                              1. Eggs,
                              2. dry beans/ lentils
                              3. rice
                              4. flour
                              5. oil
                              6. carrots
                              7. onions
                              8. any winter squash/pumpkin/sweet potatoes (pretty much interchangeable)
                              9. probably chicken
                              10. cabbage

                              It sure was hard for me not to find a place for potatoes, garlic, celery, apples, celery, bullion, and the current best vegetable sale on that list. They could really add a lot. And believe it or not, I was trying to get a little nutrition into my list, not just filling calories.

                              At one time I'd have put cheese on the list rather than chicken, but cheese has become less a value as its price has risen.

                              I would say packaged pasta, but I could even make that from scratch if motivated.
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