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are you new at gardening? check this out

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    are you new at gardening? check this out

    If you check out you will find a spot to put in your zip code. It then has a guide that tells you when to start what seeds indoors, and when to plant outdoors. It takes all the guess work out.

    They also have a service where if you pay they will send you the seeds--but I think it would be more frugal to get them at the dollar store as I do most years.

    Don't be afraid to use last years seeds--they usually still grow for several years past the expiration date. I plant mine a week ahead of the recommended time if I am using old seed. Then if it doesn't sprout, I have time to get new seed to plant.

    I notice some seeds sell for over $3 a package. We have a super garden each year and I have never spent over 69 cents a package with great results.

    Two weeks ago, I got an indoor/outdoor greenhouse at Pamida on sale for $19. It was last years model, left over. This years are $29--only difference is the plastic cover.

    It is made up of 4 wire shelves, with a plastic zippered coat that goes over it which you can open and close to make or do away with the greenhouse effect.

    Today I started 24 beef stake tomatoes, 24 cherry tomatoes. 24 bell peppers and 24 hot peppers. I also started some garlic and planted a few old sunflower seeds I found.

    To buy these same plants that I planted today would be close to $100. So, buy starting early I am saving big time.

    we will garden this year, this had good information, thank you


      Yes, I'm new in gardening. Thanks for the post, it's really helpful.


        Good tip, mom-from-missouri

        I just learned that seedlings after they sprout, they immediately need a lot of light.
        So don't hold them in a room where ther's not too much light.