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Initial Coin Offerings?

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  • Initial Coin Offerings?

    Hi SA Community,

    Chalk this up under "I didn't even know you could do that".

    I just learned yesterday that you can buy into business start ups using crowdfunding with digital currencies. I had no idea this was even possible.

    Have any of you guys bought into an initial coin offering? How was your experience? How did you think about the risks associated with this kind of unregulated model?

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    You must be very careful with ICOs. Personally I donít trust them so donít get into that. You can check them at TokenMarket - Tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain crowdfunding, but still you cannot predict their future. There are legit ones with clear mission and points, but you never know. Google, make your own research before putting money in.


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      True, I don't know but I really find this cryptocurrencies somewhat scary, scary than trading stocks! But if you are willing to take risk and try this kind of investment, why not!


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        Personally I would avoid ICOs at all costs... even more of a gamble than investing in crypto... which I do a LOT of. But no, I dont touch ICOs.


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          I haven't done ICO's yet as they too scare me. They have been a couple I wanted to invest in and now really wish I had.

          As long as you use money you are willing to lose and diversify, go for it