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Baby_nurse's 52 week challenge

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  • Baby_nurse's 52 week challenge

    I'm new to the forum and excited to get started. Lucky for me, I got paid yesterday, so I'm starting off with the $52.00. Wish me luck! I figure that if I don't have access to the $, I HAVE to save it. So it went right out of my checking account into a savings account that's not connected to my debit card.

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    Welcome to the forum and to the challenge. You're off to a great start!


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      Glad you're joining us, & congrats on your strong start!!


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        That is a wonderful way to begin the challenge. I look forward to reading about it. Are you saving money in any special way?


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          You're off to a fantastic start. Way to go!


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            Week 2 update

            I switched around my car insurance to another company this week. I saved $40.00 for the same coverage. Add that 40 to the kitty.

            Week 1- $52
            Week 2 - $40.00


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              Way to go! I was also able to get my insurance premiums lowered without changing my coverage. Isn't it great when that happens?


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                Week 3 progress

                Week 3 progress:

                Not a great week, due to some unexpected medical expenses. I'd love to count the $1500 I didn't spend on the dining room table I wanted ( I decided I would hold off and continue to use my rickety table for awhile longer until I can find just the right deal )

                I did, however, manage to save slightly over $20.00 with my coupons this week, plus I resisted blowing the five dollars I had in my wallet at Starbucks after a particularly hard night at work this week. I am putting the $25.00 in to the EF instead.

                Week 1-$52
                Week 2-$40
                Week 3- $25
                Grand total: $117.00


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                  Great job!


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                    Week 4- Saved $38 at the store with my coupons.

                    Week 5- Saved $12 on 2 books I needed for my daughter (required reading) by purchasing them from a local used book store versus Amazon. (I'm going to resell some of her books at the end of the school year!)

                    Grand Total: $167.00


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                      Wow - $38 saved with coupons? That's great!


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                        Awesome job, keep it up!!