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Cut Your Long Distance Phone Bills

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    Cut Your Long Distance Phone Bills

    By Theresa O’Donnell

    When is the last time you shopped around for a long distance provider and thought about saving money? If you've been with the same company and the same calling plan for years and years, you're probably paying too much for your long-distance service. By taking some time at looking at your monthly phone bill you could save up to 50% if you switch away from the big 3 phone companies.

    Here are 6 possible ways to save:

    <b>Shop Around And Look At The Smaller Companies</b>: You know AT&T, Sprint and MCI because they advertise all the time. Do you know how they afford those huge advertising budgets? You are paying the bill by paying higher rates and fees. Smaller companies may not be brand name but they use the same technology and have the same quality Some smaller reptuable companies to check out include <A HREF="">Opex</A> and <A HREF="">PNG</A>.

    <b>Check For Monthly Fees</b>: You may get a great per minute rate but are you paying $5.95 a month for it. There are low rates plus low month fees and even some that do not have month fees. Opt for online billing and you can save money on monthly fees.

    <b>Go Bundled</b>: You may want to consider a plan that gives you unlimited local and long-distance calling for one monthly fee. Many of these plans include features such as call waiting, caller ID, voice mail and call forwarding. Most major phone companies offer these plans with costs running anywhere from $30 to $70. If you're paying more than $50 a month for your local and long-distance charges each month, you may want to consider a bundled long-distance plan.

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    <b>Drop Your Long Distance</b>: If your long-distance phone calls are few and far between, you may want to drop your long-distance carrier altogether. You can pay for the few calls you make with a prepaid phone card, a dial-around service or even your cell phone if you've got the minutes. And you'll avoid the monthly fees and taxes charged by long-distance carriers. You can also use a dial-around plan like a 10-10 number which allows you to call cheaper as well. If you do choose this option, make sure that you are not being charged a fee for not having a long distance carrier.

    <b>Opt For The Internet</b>: Want to get rid of your land line and have high speed internet? You can now use your computer to make phone calls. When placing a VoIP call also know as broadband phone using a phone with an adapter, you'll hear a dial tone and dial just as you always have. Companies like <A HREF="">Packet 8</A> have low monthly costs starting at 19.95 for all your calls.

    <b>Use Your Cell Phone</b>: If your cell phone has long distance on it, consider using your cell phone plan’s minutes to make long distance phone calls as well.

    Do not feel like you have to pay outrageously high phone bills anymore. By taking a look at how you use the phone and keeping up to date on the latest technologies, there are many options out there to help you lower your phone bills.


    Theresa O’Donnell is the owner of <A HREF="">Budget Dial Communications</A>, a leading provider of discount long distance services for consumers and businesses. Budget Dial will work with you to help lower your phone bill and other telecommunication expenses.

    Small businesses, I got what you need to reduce phone bills, internet services, and merchant services.


      A few things to add to the OP's great post - check with your Cable provider. A lot of the biggies (e.g., Cablevision by me) offer VOIP service for the cheap (I pay $ 30/month for unlimited local and LD, with all the above-mentioned features). Also, another thing to check out (I have NOT used it so I cannot vouch for it) is Magic Jack. Their price is ridiculously low, and they claim to have multi-million customers.