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    Garage Sale Checklist

    By George Grubetic

    Garage sales should be fun and hassle-free, with your goal to make some good money and off-load your unwanted items our garage sale checklist is your hassle-free, step-by-step organiser for achieving this.

    <b>2-3 weeks before the sale</b>

    - Start sorting through your household for unwanted items have the mindset that almost anything will sell if it is a bargain

    - Price your items. Price items about 25-35% of what they cost new (clothes are exceptions - 5-15% here)

    - Pick a date and time for your sale. Weekends are the best; avoid public holidays or special events

    - Write your ad. Give the address and hours of the sale; mention items that are of particular interest

    - Place your ad in local newspapers and using free garage sale adversting sites. put up flyers on local community boards; inform neighbours as they might want to have a joint sale

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    <b>1 week before the sale</b>

    - Make sure items are cleaned and repaired. The better condition it is in, the higher price you will get

    - Determine where signs will go. In and around your neighbourhood is best; one in front of your house is smart too

    - Make your signs. Use arrows, print the a dress, start and end times, use big letters

    <b>1-2 days before the sale</b>

    - Set up your sale area. Use tables to lay items out, display clothing hung up; you want to create an area so people can browse and shop in comfort

    - Get checkout area ready. Have plenty of change; spare bags; calculator; newspaper (to wrap fragile items); paper & pens

    <b>The night before the sale</b>

    - Put up signs

    - Make some refreshments and have a radio ready to play some soft background music

    <b>The morning of sale</b>

    - Make sure your house is locked up and fully secure. You don't want to give buyers the opportunity to snoop around

    - Open the gates/door to your sale. Greet all customers with a freindly smile and "hello!"; be prepared to bargain with buyers

    <b>Right after sale</b>

    - Take signs down. Not only is this courteous to the environment, but you might incur a fine or penalty if you don't

    - Count your money and rejoice!

    George Grubetic is the webmaster of <A HREF=""></A>, a website offering tips, hints and resources on how to have successful garage sales.

    I need to somehow bookmark this for my next sale.