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Credit Card Protection From Yourself - Debt Guard

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    Credit Card Protection From Yourself - Debt Guard

    Trying to get out of debt is often simply a matter of breaking habits. There are times we know that we shouldn't take certain actions, but out of habit do so without even stopping to think about it. Whipping out the credit card to pay for an item or service can be one of these bad habits. Many times it's only after you're back home with your purchase - or when the credit card bill comes - that you realize that you spent more than you should have.

    For many people there is a simple solution that can help break the credit card overuse habit. While some people go to drastic measures to stop using their credit card such as freezing it in a block of ice in the freezer, for the majority of people there is a much easier solution that often works: using a credit card sleeve.

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    Credit card sleeves (also referred to as "credit card condoms" because they help "protect" you from unwanted consequences when used properly) are simply pieces of paper that you slip around your credit card that have some type of warning on the outside so that you have to think twice before using it. While this may sound down right silly, it's often the exact motivation a person needs if they are serious about decreasing their credit card debt (if you aren't serious, then credit card sleeves - or any other tactic - isn't going to work).

    While there are some sites that sell credit card sleeves for up to $5 each, you can easily print your own <a href="">credit card "Debt Guard" sleeve</a> for free. The key to making the credit card sleeve successful is having a saying on it that will make you pause and reconsider whether the purchase you're about to make is truly necessary. Some effective phrases may be:

    "For Emergency Use Only!"
    "If you really need this, come back tomorrow"
    "Use of this card may be dangerous to your savings"
    "Do I Really Need This?"
    "(Ice Cream) is not an emergency!"
    "What about the (vacation)?"
    "You want it - can you afford it?"
    "If I use this card, the price is twice as much!"

    These are just a few examples of sayings that might get you to rethink an impulse purchase you're about to put on a credit card. The credit card sleeve gives you those few seconds to consider the purchase thoroughly and remind yourself that you also have other goals where the money could be used more effectively.

    If you find that you use your credit card more than you should, a credit card debt guard sleeve may be exactly what you've been looking for to help curb your spending. Sometimes it's little reminders that end up being the most effective tool to help you establish your self discipline in using your credit card.

    Re: Credit Card Protection From Yourself - Debt Guard

    That is a cool idea, I need to put one on my Check Card, I managed to stop using the credit card, and my debt is no longer going up, BUT, I should spend less of what we make so that the CC bill goes down faster.


      Re: Credit Card Protection From Yourself - Debt Guard

      Great idea!


        Re: Credit Card Protection From Yourself - Debt Guard

        Unpaid credit card balances are the worst kind of debt. But there are millions of Americans out there who have paid off heavy credit card debt. Come up with a plan for paying these off, and make it a priority. And remember it's in everyone's best interest: both yours and the credit card company - to get you out of crisis mode and into a repayment plan that you can handle. Always start by contacting the businesses to which you owe money.
        Besides you can use credit card care service and ask any qwestion related with credit cards.
        Get your debt under control by following this tips:
        1. Stop using your cards. The last thing you want to do with heavy credit card debt is add to it.
        2. Always pay more than the minimum. Pay as much as you can above the minimum every month.
        3. Start paying off the card with the highest rate first, and then the next highest, and so on.
        4. Besides you can combine debts onto one or two of your lowest rate cards.
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          a really great idea!