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Post Office Auctions

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    Post Office Auctions

    Have you ever wondered what happens to all the packages that can't be delivered or returned to the sender? When a package can't be delivered or goes unclaimed, the post office auctions off the package's contents.

    Packages can't be delivered for any number of reasons. Sometimes people just never come to claim them and the return address is not valid or readable. Mail machines may sometimes damage packages so that the contents fall or the package isn't properly packed so that the package breaks open.

    When the post office isn't able to deliver a package, it opens up the package and places all the items within it - art, books, clothes, collectibles, electronics, jewelry, etc - and places them to the side until a designated auction day. When the auction day comes, anyone can go to where the auction is being held and bid on all the items that have been been gathered since the last auction.

    The post office auctions for unclaimed items are held at each post office Recovery Center (see below) throughout the year. The auctions usually begin at 10:00 in the morning. Those who are interested in bidding are allowed to view the items that will be auctioned off an hour before the actual bidding process begins. The post office also usually will have catalogs of the lots being auctioned available which can be purchased on the day the auction takes place.

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    Post office auctions are more of a grab bag style than a place to look for one specific item. Items at the post office auctions are usually sold in lots with a number of items together rather than individually. While this means that you may end up with items you don't want along with items you do want, it's a great place to stack up on items to resell at garage sales, flea markets or online auctions.

    Attending a post office auction can be entertainment in itself. You never know what you are going to find at a post office auction and you'll probably be surprised at some of the stuff that people send through the mail. Attending one if given the opportunity is well worth it.

    To find out when the post office auctions will be held you can write the General Managers of the Mail Recovery Centers listed below:

    Atlanta Mail Recovery Center
    730 Great South West Parkway
    Atlanta, GA 30336-9590

    St Paul Mail Recovery Center
    180 Kellogg Boulevard East
    St Paul, MN 55101-9514

    San Francisco Mail Recovery Center
    390 Main Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105-9602

    For more information about post office auctions and when they will be held, you can read the <A HREF="">post office page on auctions</A> and learn more about their <A HREF="">test program to sell items on ebay</A>.

    So thats where my packages went!

    Sounds like an interesting way to treasure hunt and score an occasional good deal


      Originally posted by Jack Edwards View Post
      So thats where my packages went!

      Sounds like an interesting way to treasure hunt and score an occasional good deal
      Public storage places also hold auctions of the contents of storage units when people don't pay or abandon stuff.

      * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
      * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
      * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


        Thanx for the info