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Other tips to save money

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    Other tips to save money

    We can save money due to the following points.

    Avoid Multiplex :- Today we can watch movies on You tube or smart phones. So we can avoid multiplex.

    Avoid junk foods :- We can save money if we can avoid junk foods because doctors have said junk foods is not good for our health.

    Once in a while going to hotel or restaurant :- The best option is make food from your home because in home women's make food from heart . There is love and affection. So if any person want to save money they can visit once in a while hotel or restaurant.

    Light :- we have seen if we are not sitting in bedroom or drawing room the light are on. so save electricity and money.



    home-saving on electricals

    I think a lot of people try and save money on expenditures socially in the summer but actually there are plenty of ways to reduce the bills each month. Aside from spending time searching for better gas and electricity deals for example, (which should be lower in the summer anyway) you can make changes to how and what you use in the home. I've just bought and fitted a load of LED bulbs to replace my terrible energy saving lightbulbs which took an age to light the room!

    The LEDs are much better and are spotlight in the living room but give better lighting, immediately. But the cost reduction I've estimated should be significantly lower come the end of the year! Lower energy, and more durable, far more than the standard bulbs. Cost should be lower anyway during the Summer of course but add to that the reduction the LEDs will provide and we're golden!

    Most TVs are fairly energy efficient now with a lot of ultra thin HDTVs using LED backlights in some models. My model cools down after being on 8 hours it's cold after about 5 minutes. They use a very small percentage of power compared to previous models from only a few years ago.

    So many ways to cut back at home on bills and reduce your monthly outgoings, for Summer or Winter. Just saying, add to the smaller bills in the Summer by takng advantage of the lighting options available.