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Money savings tips for the summer

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    Money savings tips for the summer

    Here are some of mine:

    1) Use exhaust fans to pull heat out of the attic in the summer.
    2) If you plant some shade trees around your home, it will be less hot inside in the summer months.
    3) You may get clothes cheaper if you buy them out of season. If you buy some winter clothes and other items in the summer, they may be reduced since less people are buying them.
    4) If you fly during the summer when everyone else usually travels, you will probably pay more money for the tickets. Flying during the off season is usually cheaper.
    5) Parking your car in the shade in the summer will keep the inside of the car cooler. You won't have to blast the a/c when you first start the car up because it is 120 degrees inside. This will save money on gas.
    6) Some rooms really don't need a window A/C if nobody is really ever in the room. For those rooms at least you can try using just a fan. It can save you a lot in electricity cost each summer. If you have summer all year round, the savings can be big.

    The summer season is notorious for being a time of great spending. Chances are you've experienced the effects of this! Family vacations, sending the kids to camp, updating the wardrobe ... the list could go on and on. You know what? It's okay to spend money! Money's fun ... if you got some.

    So in an effort to help you save some money this summer, here are some ideas. They may not seem like huge changes in your daily life, but keep in mind that every little thing adds up and you could save a significant amount of money. A little research and minor alterations can create opportunities for a very fun summer.
    Ditch the car.

    Don't worry, we're not suggesting you go sell your car and walk 20 miles a day. Think of the places you frequent. Could you walk, bike or carpool more often? At first it might be an adjustment and slightly inconvenient, but you won't be complaining when you realize the exercise, conversations and outdoor enjoyment you'll experience in addition to saving money on gas.
    Brown-bag lunches.

    Making your own meals the majority of the time is healthier and more cost efficient than dining out. Plan some brown-bag lunches with some friends at work instead of going to a restaurant every lunch hour. Organize a potluck meal for your office or small group twice a month. Pack lunches in a cooler when you're off to the pool, park or on a road trip.
    Experience your town for free.

    Why travel 1,000 miles away for fun and relaxation when there's stuff to do right around the corner? Be proactive about finding free activities around your town. Not all of them will be highly publicized, but with a little investigation, you could find the hidden gem that could be the highlight of your summer. A town nearby possibly has free outdoor movie nights, museum days, greenways, libraries, festivals and so much more. Invite the neighbors or your group of friends along as well.


      Thanks for posting, these are some great ideas. Another idea is to make sure your windows and doors are almost airtight and you have great insulation. This can save you tons on cooling costs.


        I would like to add some more points
        • Use small plants in rooms
        • Use heat resistance paint
        • Try fans of high quality and with big pans

        And there are some other tips which you can use all the 12 months.


          Summer indeed is one of the best season to spend. Happy to read on your tips, I am hoping it'll be read by many people too so they are able to save this summer like I and some.


            You can save money throughout the year, but the warm temperatures of summer provide a few additional tips that can help you save even more money. Here are some things to try during those warm months. I also follow these. Hope you would like it.

            1. Turn off the air conditioning: This doesnít mean you have to suffer through sweltering heat, but you should be aware of the weather so that you can maximize efficiency and save money by using it only when needed. For example, if it is going to be a cool night, turn off the air before heading to bed and open a few windows.

            2. Cook outside: Using the stove or baking in the oven can create a lot of excess heat that has nowhere to go except in your house. Consider taking meal plans to the barbecue grill outside so that you can keep your cool inside.

            3. Let your laundry dry outside: If you have the ability to hang up laundry outside, let the sun and warm summer breeze do the drying for you. Even if you canít hang up clothes outside, try using your dryer on a lower heat setting or only partially drying your shirts and letting them air dry the rest of the way.

            4. Replace your air conditioner filters: This can be easy to overlook, but a dirty filter can increase cooling costs. Dirty filters restrict the airflow and the efficiency of the air conditioner, which translates into more run time and higher cooling costs. Filters are cheap, so replace them regularly.

            5. Plan ahead for future home and garden projects: As summer begins to wind down, it is a perfect time to be on the lookout for season ending sales. Landscape plants, tools, and other outdoor project materials tend to go on sale as people begin to look toward autumn and spending less time outside.


              Saving moneyRepair broken or leaky air ducts.Broken or leaky ducts are blowing straight in your attic or crawl space wasting valuable cold air that could cool your home instead.


                Here are mine:
                1) Put your winter clothes, quilt etc to storage boxes.
                2) Clean and decor your garden because in summers you will spend most time outside.

                I hope you would like these tips.


                  Here are some mine tips:

                  1. Lighting: Try adding under cabinet lights to highlight your counters.
                  2. Updated Faucet and Hardware: Replacing your worn faucet with a shiny new version will instantly update your kitchen.
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