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    Save on Hand Soap

    The last time I bought hand soap was nearly two months ago and we use it multiple times everyday. There is a liquid soap bottle in each of our four bathrooms and next to the kitchen sink. So I would buy five individual liquid hand soap bottles regularly.

    The last time I needed it I bought the large refill bottle. It was around $4.00 for 64 fluid ounces. Now when the 7.5 oz bottles in the bathrooms are empty, I just fill them up.

    So before I was spending about $1.50 per bottle (7.5 fl oz) and I would buy a new one for each of the rooms at least once a month totaling $7.50 a month (37.5 fl oz).

    The bottom line? I would spend approximately $90 a year on hand soap. Now I will end up spending around $21.

    (the math: we use 37.5 fl oz a month. 37.5 x 12 months = 450 fl oz per year. 450 fl oz / 64 fl oz = 7.03. 7 large refill bottles x $4 = $21. $7.50 x 12 months = $90 verses $21)

    I know $69 a year savings doesn't seem like much. But by finding all these little ways to save it will add up big at the end.

    yep we do that at our house, i started off just washing my hands less


      It seems that this is a good way to save money , i will try it in my home .


        Always cheaper to buy in bulk! Definitely a good tip.


          We use the free body wash we get from the drug stores. (almost free) IT is still soap, washes just the same, but smells fancy.


            The body wash idea is great as well, but you would probably need to add a little water because it is so thick. Like you, I practically get the Body Wash free except for the tax paid. I have a drawer full of these items for men as well as women and my husband says you need to stop buying already. I tell him I'm not buying; it's almost free. I don't think the prices will always be like this and it good to take advantage of these deals when they come along.

            Years ago, I started buying the larger size of liquid hand soap as well and would use a coupon with it as well. Seemed liked it lasted forever.


              I do the same - buy the bigger container & refill the smaller bottles. How often do you wash the smaller bottles, though? The pumps get dirty quite easily & sometimes defeat the purpose of using soap!


                We don't buy soap for the bathroom but instead use the free little hotel bar soaps that we accumulate via travel. Bar soap can get filthy but we've always taught our children that after washing their hands, to "wash off" the soap before putting it back. Since the bathroom sink is frequently cleaned, the soap stays good.


                  You can purchase one of those foaming hand soap dispensers and once all the soap is gone, refill it with regular liquid soap following these directions:

                  Pour one tablespoon of liquid hand soap into the empty dispenser

                  Fill the rest of the dispenser with warm water leaving a little space at the top

                  Screw on the lid and shake

                  Pump dispenser a few times to get the foam started

                  With this tip, one bottle of regular liquid hand soap could last you a year!