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Saving Tips On Telecommunications

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    Great tips...thanks!


      Saving Tips On Telecommunications

      Tele communication is very useful in now a days because we can stay in contact with anyone staying any where. Some more features also available with new technology like browsing.


        That was a great tips on telecommunication. Another money-saving tips:

        * Get a flat rate plan with the phone company for unlimited long distance (the writer uses AT&T).
        * Use your cell phone for long distance calls.
        * Get rid of (or do not get) the 800 number with the catchy name (e.g. 1-800-lemon-law, used by a firm in my area). Most of the good ones are already taken, and with the rise of the Web, more people are Googling for your business than looking in the phone book.


          Saving Advice

          Scrapping the "old-fashioned" land line and replacing your monthly cell phone subscriptions with a pre-paid plan is an excellent money saving tip. Just donít stay on your cell phone as long as before!

          If you have a computer, use your unique web page provided by the cell service to send free text messages.


            A lot of good tips If you have a cell/smart phone with unlimited data or a generous data plan I have saved tons of money using free messaging applications (for example Whatsapp) to replace sms and mms and free voice calls like Viber to make calls, note that the latter needs a fairly fast connection. This will also work on wifi networks, which we can find for free in many public places

            Since I often call to abroad or long distance this has paid off for me with a good data plan. The downside is that the people you communicate with need to have these applications installed.


              Great tips! As martin lewis said, theres a high success rate with people who haggle with these companies. Just phone them up and threaten to leave,


                Year 2013 - take advantage of VOIP

                If you have Internet at home, a land line and a cell phone, get rid off the land line. Get a VOIP adapter (something like Magic Jack, Obi202). I have an Obi202, hooking up with Google voice, you get free US/Canada calls (incoming/outgoing). On top of it, if you are abroad, you can use your cell phone with wifi, in conjunction with obi app to make free US calls. There are two down sides using Google Voice/Obi202. Google Voice does not provide 911 service, this is where your cell phone comes in. You need a decent Internet connection(at least 3mbps).

                I've had this setup for two years now, and it's worked beautifully. I was able to lower my cell phone bill as well. Instead of paying for 1000 minutes plan, I have a 300 minutes plan, saving $15/month. On top of that, I don't have to pay for land line ($30/month saving at least).


                  Here are some simple ways to start saving now:
                  1) Inventory and audit and current lines, products and services
                  A thorough audit of a businessí current telecom services and expenses often leads to immediate opportunities for savings. A business needs to have a complete inventory of the number of lines and circuits they have, how they are being used and what they are being charged.
                  2) Identify billing errors and opportunities
                  Though time consuming, a thorough reconciliation of telecom bills is an effective way to reduce costs. Outright billing errors are extremely common, and frequently overlooked. Contracted rates may not be properly billed, taxes and fees can be miscalculated, and cancelled services may continue to be billed.
                  3) Optimize existing lines and circuits
                  Many companies will save money simply by consolidating multiple narrow bandwidth lines into fewer higher bandwidth lines. Higher cost circuits can also migrate to less utilized, lower-cost circuits to minimize waste and optimize usage. A simple solution requiring minimal time and effort.


                    I always thought telecom is the side only to spend for a person, but you were different. You initiated some of he matters that I never thought about. I show you my gratitude and thinking of following all those.


                      Saving Tips on Telecommunications

                      There are handful of effective marketing tools that helps business retain and reach more customers using VoIP phone systems. This type of service will dramatically helps small business save on telecommunications and increase productivity.

                      With VoIP technology, business no longer have to maintain the separate networks for phone and data. VoIP enables you use the data network that users will probably use to access internet. Employees can able to connect with their clients anywhere in the world at cheaper rates.


                        Avoid Unlimited

                        In my experience, you pay for a lot you don't use on unlimited phone plans. If you go with a company like US Mobile or Ting, you can choose how many minutes, sms and mb/gb you need. They both say that the average customer is paying $15-$25, which is a lot less than what you would pay for unlimited phone plans.