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Saving Tips At The Post Office

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    Saving Tips At The Post Office

    Postal Service Saving Tips...

    Buy forever stamps. Stamps with specific amounts will eventually not be enough to cover the price of the postage charges. Forever stamps also cost the same amount as regular postage stamps, so there isn't any reason not to buy them.

    Go with a postcard. Post cards cost 35 cents. Letters cost 55 cents.

    Use Media Mail. Media mail is significantly less expensive than regular postal rates. As a result the USPS is super strict about what can go into media mail. You can only put books, sound recordings, printed music, computer media, 16 millimeter film, educational reference charts, and loose-leaf binders.

    Use Recycle Shipping Supplies. When you receive a package, saving the bubble wrap, plastic peanuts, and the box. Old newspapers work too.

    Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes. USPS flat rate boxes are good for shipping heavier objects, like fish tanks or the like. They're handy because you know how much you'll pay, there aren't any surcharges, and the boxes are free.

    One advantage of the USPS over commercial services like UPS and Fedex is law enforcement protection. The USPS is protected by U.S. federal law enforcement and UPS and Fedex aren't.

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