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Educating children in underprivileged countries...

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    Educating children in underprivileged countries...

    I recently visited a region in the mountains of india where there are no schools! Children there are languishing without the most basic of educations. I thought it would be a wonderful thing to run a school here. I am myself highly educated and so is my wife (and we have a few educated friends who are interested in this as well), so we could easily do this. However, we'd still need volunteers and finance.

    Has anyone any ideas? I've tried funding websites, but without much success - I've made posts on sites like indiegogo and gofundme

    I need volunteers desperately, perhaps even more than funding. A friend of mine and myself are selling our respective homes to provide at least basic funding for this school, but it's not nearly enough.

    I will make another trip to this region within the fortnight, and return with lots of videos, of the local people, of their children, and of their problems and the conditions in which they live.

    I'm very ignorant of how to do things like raise funding or attract volunteers, so please do advise me. I'm actually a rather introverted person and would normally hate a task like this, but these people - these children - need help, and SOMEONE has to help. It can make a difference in hundreds of lives.

    Please advise me.

    The best way to learn is to volunteer with an organizations that already does something like this. There are plenty out there. You can learn how they do it, become familiar with the issues you'll need to overcome and then you can take what you learn and make it even better. Why reinvent the wheel when there are many out there already doing this in many different countries?


      It's a noble attempt ! But it will be very hard for you to find some funds.
      You need to find some charity organization and maybe then they will help you with that.
      Alone you wont do a thing, thats a shame, but this is how this world functions.