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New idea for a charity group. Need help.

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    New idea for a charity group. Need help.


    Recently my wife and I made two life lists. The first was a list of all of the things we currently have and appreciate in our lives. This was a very powerful and eye-opening exercise. The other was a list of the things we would like to have in our lives, things that we believe would enrich our lives. A common theme on each of our lists involved helping people.

    Many people in our society have this same ambition, to help others. It's a great idea right? Well, we want to take it to the next level. We want to create something different.

    But we need help. We need help forming this idea. In my mind this could go in so many different directions and become something immense. I have already started contacting other charitable organizations for guidance. My vision is to eventually talk to big names such as Don Imus, Ellen DeGeneres, etc once our mission statement and other details are finalized.

    I realize I am not providing many details on this but I hope to find people who have experience with starting new "charitable" groups. This is not necessarily a charity, it's more than that. We need help drumbing up support, structuring tax details, writing mission and vision statements, etc.

    This could potentially be something big. But I need help.