"A penny saved is a penny earned" - Benjamin Franklin

Wordpress Plugins

Over the years we've built some pretty neat plugins for SavingAdvice.com and our other websites, so we figured, why not let others use them as well?

Google Consumer Surveys

Host Google Consumer Surveys and earn revenue for each question answered on your site.

This plugin will install the Google Consumer Surveys code for you on your blog posts or pages.

Amazon Keywords to Links

Automatically link specific keywords in your posts or pages to amazon search pages. When your visitors purchase amazon products, you get a cut!

Debts, Assets and NetWorth (DAN)

DAN for Wordpress allows you to track your debts and assets in your wordpress blog.

At its most basic level DAN allows you to add (and update) debts and assets in your wordpress admin area. DAN will keep a history of your updates that can help you to visualize your progress of either paying down debt or increasing your networth. Using widgets or the DAN API, you can also display your debts and assets in your wordpress front end for your visitors to see.

DAN also comes with a basic and advanced line graph (also available in widget or API form) that will display progress for one or more accounts.

WordCounter.net Word and Character Counter

Wordcounter replaces wordpress's built in word counter feature and adds a character count as well.

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