"Virtue has never been as respectable as money." - Mark Twain

Grocery Shopping Quiz

Money and grocery shopping. There is a lot more to saving than cutting out the Sunday paper coupons. See how much you know by taking this little SavingAdvice.com quiz.

Which of the following is worth the most to you?

A $100 a month pay increase.
Saving $90 a month by using coupons.
The monthly interest earned on $100.
Both A and C.

When shopping for the same items, how much more are you likely to spend if you stay in the grocery store for an hour instead of 30 minutes?


Which item are you most likely to find in the back of the store?

Fruit and vegetables.

What sense do stores try to make you use when you first walk into them?


What item are you likely to find exclusively on the lower shelves at a grocery store?

Low profit items.
Kid's cereal.

What two colors do manufacturers often use because they are likely to catch your eye?

Red and bright blue.
Red and green.
Red and pink.
Red and yellow.

When is the best time to shop to save money?

On weekends.
In the evening.
In the morning.
Whenever there is a sale item available.

How much more will you likely spend if you shop hungry rather than on a full stomach?

8% more.
10% more.
13% more.
15% more.

Making a list and sticking to it when grocery shopping can save you up to how much?


Which of the following statements is a good rule to go by when grocery shopping?

Always buy things on sale.
Buy larger packages to save money on the product.
Both A and B.
Neither A or B.

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