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    Make Extra Money with FreeCycle

    I've been doing this about a month now and made an extra $200 or so from auctions with stuff I have gotten for free through FreeCycle.

    FreeCycle is a place where people post junk that they have and no longer want. If you want it, they will give it to you for free if you go and pick it up. So the only price you pay for anything is the gas to go and pick up the item.

    While a lot of the stuff isn't worth too much, there are some things that people give away that they don't realize the true value of (or they just don't care). Get these items and you can turn a good profit rather quickly.

    The competition on getting good items is getting much stronger as I'm sure I'm not the only one reselling. It has also been a great place to get weird and strange items sell on auction for free.

    Re: Make Extra Money with FreeCycle

    While I understand that the purpose of this site is to find creative ways to pay off credit card debt, the purpose of FreeCycle is to keep items out of the local landfill. Where I live, our FreeCycle group has a no resell policy and while I know that technically there is no way to prove someone is reselling, there are signs and you can tell. I know many in my local group would discontinue its use if this became a problem. If your group doesn't have such a policy then have at it but, please abide by the rules of your group so that FreeCycling can continue.