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Buying property in Puerto Rico

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    Buying property in Puerto Rico

    This is probably a long shot but do any of you guys have experience with real estate in Puerto Rico? I moved here about 11 months ago and have been renting since then. I have been doing research on real estate and it seems that the process is different than in the US. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sorry, no experience; but I'd personally contact a few realtors there and get some advice.

    This thread reminds me of another thread about buying in Flint or Detroit MI. It seems like taking a gamble (although the RE prices are lower perhaps due , in part, to the uncertainty). How's the taxes and everything there? Did PR get some resolution on its debt issue? Personally, I'd wait a few years until all this settles down before I buy. I guess I'm just not a RE speculator.