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    I currently use Comcast Cable as my cable provider

    I DO NOT recommend Comcast. They are TERRIBLE. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

    Comcast customer service is a joke.

    I am planning to swtich to AT&T for my cable and internet.

    I wanted to inquire for feedback, especially AT&T cable/phone plan recommendations or any other recommendations.

    I'm not a big fan of AT&T either but anything at this point is better than Comcast Cable...they are completely incompetent.
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    We have always had a little cable guy. (We maybe had Comcast for about 18 months in our last home, but I don't remember much about it - in general we'd boycott them if we had any choice. I think we had no choice at that time).

    Anyway, our little cable guy got bought out by Comcast and so we went through a few companies. They were all horribly terrible. Dish was the worst. We never tried ATT, but they were terrible for internet. We had initially switched to ATT for internet, since we lost internet and cable when the little guy got bought out. We didn't stay with them long; their internet services sucked and their customer service was terrible. I don't remember why we didn't try their cable service.

    I honestly don't think there is anything very good out there. I will cross my fingers that you find ATT less annoying. (Oh, and we found a small internet company, but completely gave up on cable).


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      I agree there's not much good out there for cable companies. I don't think AT&T is much better than Comcast. Some of my friends here switched to AT&T cable because you get more channels, they said, and pay about the same in $ each month. They are alos devout Christians and Comcast owns NBC and NBC has gone off the deep end.

      I have been working on getting Fox Sports 1 since 11:00 am this morning with Comcast. Still with no success. I will probably drive to regional center and switch out DVR box. If that doesnt work, then that will be more than enough for me to make the switch to AT&T.


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        Did Comcast Cable in my region manage to get Fox Sports 1 live for the programming this evening? No. A total fail on Comcast's part. Why am I not surprised??

        I had Comcast send signal updates to my cable box which they said would fix the problem. It didn't. So they told me it was the DVR box. I drove to their service center earlier today and swapped out DVR boxes. Did that fix it? No. After some lonnnng holds on phone I managed to talk to a supervisor, who finally admitted to me it was a fail on Comcast in my region. That other customers had called in, said the same.

        Surprisingly, Fox Sports 1 does work on my bedroom TV via a digital adapter on my old analog TV so I can still salvage watching the UFC card this evening.

        From an personal finance standpoint, a company like Comcast will routinely screw you over with charges you are not expecting. For example, the DVR box swap earlier today, I will have to contact them and deal with another barrage of Comcast BS to keep my account the same before the DVR box swap so Comcast won't charge me $17 for some frivilous DVR box charge.

        It won't be an issue though because I will be switching providers to AT&T this week.

        Thats's about like saying I am moving out of North Korea and moving to Cuba, but least it is somewhat of an improvement.

        My cable bill on average runs about $95 a month where I live, with taxes (cable & internet). Last month bill was $103. I still feel like I'm getting ripped. If I switch to At&T I am pretty sure I can get on a promotional plan with same channels for almost HALF the price, possibly saving $40 - $50 a month for 6 months to a year.

        I know I am not the only that battles with Comcast. Any tips or feeback let me know.


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          I cancelled Comcast several years ago and went with Direct TV. I couldn't be happier about it.


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            Originally posted by bjl584 View Post
            I cancelled Comcast several years ago and went with Direct TV. I couldn't be happier about it.
            Same here. DirectTV for TV service, and FIOS from Frontier for Internet. I pay $30 less per month and get faster speeds (30 down/30 up).


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              Most people I know use streaming services, over a PC, Xbox, Roku, smartphone, etc. Live TV shows can be captured by antenna and a DVR.

              The only exception is live sports, but it probably won't be too long until the scales tip to the point where those networks deliver solely via streaming service.