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Is the Frugal wave over?

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    No, the frugal wave is far from over. There are a great many uncertainties in the economy: financial market volatility, restrictive lending and high unemployment in particular.

    Even after the economy fully recovers (and it will) at least a few years down the road, many people will have learned their lessons about being more frugal and the value of a dollar.


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      If it was up to me, this wouldn't be a wave but a way of life. I would hope more people understand how important it is to save and save correctly. It's up to people like us to make sure the wave continues so we can educate the ways of good personal finance. Just my opinion.


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        Originally posted by swanson719 View Post
        I don't think there was ever really a frugal wave. Rather, I think people were trying to figure out how to hold onto their toys.
        I would say for most people you hit the nail on the head! I think some are still pining for the days of getting what they think they "deserve" and still have not accepted that they need to cut back. If our town is any indication with services being cut and people continuing to be laid off, I don't think the the frugal wave better be over!


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          Americans have proven time and time again that they cannot sustain a savings program over time. This is good if it is not me. This is bad if it is me.

          We need these idiots to keep the economy in recovery, but to a point.

          As to the saving wave the OP speaks of? It continues for the minority of wise people....let your neighbor blow his wad on a Lexus....not you, and not me ;-)

          We have it better and will have it better going forward.

          Thank god for the idiot Lemming American's that can't help but burn through copious amounts of cash...we need them to lift the economy, even as they do massive damage to their own financial futures.....
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