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    My long time finance software "Microsoft Money" is going bye bye. They claim

    "A number of online personal finance management and planning tools are available, many for free, on the Web. Other software solutions may be for sale from companies other than Microsoft. For general account information and transactions, your bank Web site may provide the best solution."

    Taken directly from there FAQ on the subject. What sort of other software is there that can handle personal as well as business finance, inventory, customer and supplier lists so on and so forth? The only request I have is don't recommend Quicken. Intuit has a horable track record for supporting there products which is why I went back to MS Money to begin with. So that being said what to do?

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    Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, some have stepped up to make a list of suggestions.

    This one is from Zen Habits.

    This one is from Get Rich Slowly.

    Hope that helps.


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      I am currently working on an open source and free personal finance application called Qoin. This application will ultimately rival Quicken, Money and others in features.

      Until then, if anyone is looking for an open source and free personal finance application for tracking bills or tracking home inventory, please check out R6 Software, LLC - Open Source Personal Finance Software. The software is compatible with Windows, however I plan to support Linux and Mac soon.

      Also, I would appreciate any feedback or input, since it will improve the applications and benefit others.


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        Nice list, Thank you, I am already benefiting from some of the templates.

        Interestingly enough my recommended amount for shelter is 1200 including:

        Mortgage,Rent Expense, Prop Taxes, Trash, Water, City Services

        I don't see anyway to do that though, even renting.
        A decent rent alone would be 1400 here in South Florida...
        But that is why it is a recommended amount, right?

        Again, thank you, nice lists!

        Radiance, formerly known as WealthyMe


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          Some feedback

          I learned from the spreadsheets!

          As per software, I played with all of them, yodlee really impressed me.
          -It is fully online - no downloads
          - It covers both tracking and budgeting with same feature power, many of the listed options emphasize on tracking but are weak on budgeting or miss it all together
          -Navigation and ease of entry, some of the listed are rather dry and/or not easy on the eyes. IMHO

          I am staying with xpenser for now, it has the listed attributes, plus more methods of entry (text, email, browser) and it is simpler. It does less but that is what I need rigjt now: Tracking and budget, simple interface. It does not link to your bank

          when I am more advanced, I want to migrate to yodlee, it is a quicken online on steroids!


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            Hey Radiance,

            Is online versus installed on your computer that much of a factor?

            If it is, what features of an online service help determine if you use that service or not?

            There seems to be a trend towards online money management and I wanted to get insight from the community on this.



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              Have you thought of online personal software software? Money Dashboard is looking for alpha testers.


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                I'm also looking for a replacement for MS Money. I just signed up for Yodlee to check it out because of the reasons Radiance posted.

                croland-- never had it before but online appeals to me cause I can look at my finances were ever I go. and update info on my lunch break