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Deferring a car payment?

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    As a retired bill collector, I would normally have doubts about deferred payments. But under the circumstances, taking this route on a one time basis might help.

    What a terrible state of affairs that hard-working people like you who are have to choose between paying for necessities such as heat and paying other bills. (BTW doesn't the cold aggrevate your husbands poor health?)

    As for debt relief and assistance, nomrecredit, if work is slow and your income is impacted, would you qualify for food stamps? You deserve all the help you can get.


      Originally posted by nomorecredit View Post

      My husband has been feeling a smidge better and was thinking of looking for a part-time job. I know with the job market it's going to be hard, especially with him having to explain why he hasn't worked since October 2007
      Has he looked into anything online? there is alot of call center work that he can do at home.


        This sounds nuts but wearing something on your head like hat, touque, scarf helps keep you warm when you keep the thermostat low. I've lived in accommodations where I had no control of the temperature and needed to wear more clothes indoors than outside! [wool socks, touque, wierd, work gloves with cut out fingers]


          You should look into getting an electric throw (like a blanket only it is a throw for the living room) for when you are just lounging around watching TV. Our house is freezing so I got one of those and it keeps me so toasty warm and it uses so little electricity! You could get a blanket too for the bedroom. The throws are cheaper though and you could just take it to the bedroom at bedtime. Sorry about your troubles and I hope you get your bonus and raise