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    I am one who struggle with needs vs. wants. I am dying for a house but know that I simply can not afford right's tough but hang in there
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      Our parents were the 'flower children,' added to momfrom missouri's list was re-purpose,'s fun to use your brains and imagination! If there is something you want, why not set it as a goal and write out the steps you need to take to make it a reality. Somehow writting it down is your committment to making it happen. The difference between a dream and a plan is a time-line.
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        Some would say that a need is something that you can not live without, like water and food. Where as wants are things that have no impact on your existence. If your ipod breaks you don't die, or blink out of this world.


          Originally posted by mom-from-missouri View Post
          My parents grew up during the depression. My dad was a farm kid during that time. I guess I have heard him and his family tell too many stories. I grew up with use it, reuse it, recycle it, repair it.....

          "Use it up.
          Wear it out.
          Make it do, or do without."