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How To Drop Out Of The Rat Race

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    How To Drop Out Of The Rat Race

    ...We're not talking about simply retiring at age 55. Dropping out of the rat race means a serious lifestyle shift.

    To be able to afford to give up that high-powered job, you'll probably need to substantially downsize all aspects of your life -- house, car and entertainment budget included. For many people, it even means moving abroad to a country where living is cheaper.

    It may be just fine with you for your life to look completely different, but be sure of that ahead of time.

    Envision your new life. Many people just want to escape their jobs, and fail to envision how they will fill their days once that job is gone. Make sure you're clear about what you really want to do.

    What does your ideal day look like? Will you have plenty to do to give your life some meaningful structure? You may find out that you don't need a new life at all, but just a healthy dose of balance in your current one...
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